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Products on the shelf when you need them

Because gaskets, washers, seals, insulators, conductors and shims are generally low cost “C” commodities they generally aren’t high priority items.  Short lead times and on time delivery are important but forecasts are not always correct, these parts don’t always get ordered on time and at times they are miscounted or miss inventoried.  When there is a shortage and they are not readily available these components become priority #1.  Excelsior believes that a critical element of the value we offer to our customers is having product available when problems or unanticipated situations arise.

Excelsior’s Stocking Program

Our program is simple.  We inventory your components at our location for shipment to your facilities when you request them.  We will ship your product out the same or next day.  Our initial levels are based on shipments history or your projections.  When our inventory reaches a replenishment level, specific to that part, a work order is automatically scheduled in our shop to bring the inventory up to its specified level.  We welcome blanket orders but there are no formal agreements required to qualify for the program.  All we ask is that a few times a year when we inquire about your projections for various parts that you let us know what you see going forward.   

Additional benefits of participating in the Excelsior stocking program

  • Potential to reduce unit costs through annual volume pricing
  • Improved inventory control
  • Reduce warehouse space needed for inventory
  • Improved cash flow from reduced carrying cost
  • Maximize inventory turns
  • Potential to consolidate the vendor base

Download to Learn More about the PROGRAM 

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