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Excelsior, Inc. offers a number of other materials to give you more options for your gasket manufacturing needs.

Teflon Coated Fiberglass: 

The benefits of Teflon, including its chemical and wear resistance coupled with the strength of fiberglass make this a high-performing gasket material.

Grafoil / Flexible Graphite:

This material is made from graphite with no binders or fillers and comes in various grades. It is very conformable and will take on the shape of its mounting surface. It is compatible with most chemicals, resists corrosion and maintains its compressibility. For added strength, a layer of steel or mesh can be added. In addition, it has a typical operating temperature range of -300 - +850F. Grafoil or flexible graphite materials are available from several manufacturers including Graftech, Thermoseal / Klinger, Frenzelit, Teadit and others.


Available in different forms, when mica is used as a gasket material it offers very high-temperature limits of over 900 F. It has high thermal and mechanical performances and resists most chemicals. It can also be used for electrical insulation.

Nomex / Kapton Laminates:

The benefits of Nomex (aramid fiber) include mechanical strength, thermal stability, EMI protection, and chemical compatibility. The benefits of Kapton (Polyimide) include resistance to heat and chemicals as well as strong mechanical properties. When laminated together, this material offers excellent performance in motors and generators as well as other applications. Finished parts are typically used as electrical insulators.

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