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Rubber is also commonly used with cloth or fabric-inserts. Common fabrics include cotton, nylon, polyester and fiberglass. These products will have 1 or more layers of fabric throughout the thickness of the rubber. Generally, the fabric is added to increase stability where mechanical fastening is necessary. The fabric will reduce side-to-side creep under heavy loads and significantly increases the overall tensile strength. As a general rule, there is 1 layer of cloth for every 1/16” of material.

Common rubber products used for cloth-inserted products include nitrile, neoprene, SBR, EPDM and blends of these rubbers. It is important to match the rubber to the environment in which the product will operate in.

These products are generally carried at 60-80 durometer. Depending on the number of fabric layers, the tensile strength of the material can increase to 1400 PSI.

In addition to using cloth-inserts for strength and stability, they are also used for diaphragms. The cloth-insert adds stability and allows the diaphragm to function properly over long periods of time. Rubber based diaphragms are commonly used in many motors, valves and actuators.


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